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The Crocodile Tong

Our crocodile tong allows fuel to be added to the fire without mess and with just one hand!

The majority of modern wood burning stoves are equipped with an automatically closing door, which must be held open with one hand whilst using the other hand to refuel the stove.

The majority of conventional fireplace tongs require the use of both hands. Making the task of refuelling difficult.

Our crocodile tongs are different. Their simple, innovative design and sharp grip teeth are great on all shapes and types of fuel – even heavy bulky wood and require the use of just one hand.

Made from a special high grade coating this provides a solid skid-resistant surface. Lightweight with a high load capacity and ergonomic force distribution. The crocodile tong is a must have accessory for your stove or open fire.

Dimensions: 47cm (length)


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